Strategic Pet Recovery
Strategy - Technique - Tools
Field Proven Skills to Recover Lost Pets
"King went a-sniffing and he would go, was the best old hound dog I ever did know"  Neil Young

Selected Recovery Reports

Here are some selected recovery reports to provide some insight to actions taken using the Strategy, Techniques and Tools. The learning is a key component to improving techniques and tool usage which serve to increase the odds of success for future recovery actions. While the case studies show recoveries and attempted recoveries in rural or wilderness areas, the strategy, techniques and tools also apply to urban areas with adjustments made to accommodate surroundings.

Paco's Story

Paco is a full size German Shepherd.  He was with his owner in a car, but when they stopped late at night along a rural highway, Paco took off in the dark and was a long way from home.  It was six weeks before his owner saw Paco again.

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Roscoe's Big Adventure

Roscoe is a medium size Queensland Heeler. He lived in a rural area, but one day he just disappeared.  Two weeks later he was reunited with his owner.

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Finley's Foray

"Sweet Finley", as I call her, is a special needs Lab mix.  One day she bolted from the house after being scared only to be seen 80 miles away three weeks later in a remote mountain area.

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Whoa Nellie

Nellie was adopted from rescue organization but escaped from her new owner just as they arrived home in an area completely unfamiliar to her. She was on the run for 4 or 5 days until a single sighting was enough to track her and trap her.

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Au revoir Baylee

Baylee's recovery seemed straight foward at first. Then it seemed the facts didn't add up. It is a sad way to conclude a long and distant search.

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Elvis' Encore
To Be Written
Dora's Dilemma

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Cece's Departure

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